Our Procedures

Bright Beginnings Preschool follows the Wappingers Central School District’s calendar with several exceptions:

Sessions will begin one week after the Wappingers Central Schools begin; sessions will end one week prior to Wappingers Central Schools ending. The holiday vacation will be announced at the beginning of the school year.

Bright Beginnings will hold classes on Jewish holidays.

Snow Day Policy: When the Wappingers Central School District is closed due to weather conditions, Bright Beginnings will also be closed. However, when there is a delay in the district, Bright Beginnings will be open at the regularly scheduled times.

Pick-Up and Delivery of Children

Please bring your child at the time scheduled for session to begin and pick him/her up at time of dismissal. If an emergency arises and you will be late, please call the school as soon as possible. If the problem continues to occur, a babysitting fee will be assessed and added to the tuition charge.


Children are encouraged to wear play clothes and sneakers. Daily activities include active and messy play, and the children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. Outdoor clothing and other belongings should be labeled with your child’s name. It is helpful for each child to have a small backpack with an extra change of clothing to be kept in their cubby for the day.


Acceptable behavior is encouraged by giving verbal rewards. This reinforces a child’s good feeling about his/her behavior and serves as an example to other children to act in such a way to receive this praise. Asking a child to stop and think about his/her unpleasant behavior enables that child to work at self-control.

For a child not cooperating in a group listening situation, the child is seated by a teacher and reminded of acceptable behavior. Removal from the group for a period of time-out is the next tactic used for a child who continually demonstrates unacceptable behavior. This timeout is not a punishment but rather a time when the child may calm down, remember what behavior the teacher is asking for, and decide for himself when he is ready to rejoin the group with appropriate behavior.

Corporal punishment is not considered to be an acceptable method of dealing with young children’s behavior in the preschool setting. Children will not be hit, slapped or spanked in any manner.

If behavior problems persist, the parent may be telephoned at home, or the teacher may ask to speak with the parent privately to discuss strategies that may be helpful in motivating the child to behave in an acceptable way.
Field Trips

An important part of the 4-year-old curriculum includes five field trips, which expose the children to many and varied experiences within the community.

Parents will be informed of field trips in advance by postings located on the Bright Beginnings information bulletin board located outside of the classroom. Parents are asked to chaperone and drive for our field trips. The requirements for drivers are that they carry only the number of children that they can buckle into car seats, and that their insurance coverage is current.


Parents are asked to provide a snack for the class on a rotating basis. A list of suggested nutritious snacks is provided. A snack schedule will be distributed each month, and every effort will be made to schedule these days around a child’s birthday. We encourage celebrating these special days with the child’s favorite snack or cupcakes.

Health Information

Each child is required by state regulations to have on file a health statement which includes a record of up-to-date immunizations, indication that the child is free of communicable diseases, and the signature of the child’s source of medical care. Children will not be admitted to the program without this statement.

The preschool must have on file for each child a signed “permission for health care” form authorizing emergency care in the event of an accident and the parent is unable to be reached. Emergency numbers for reaching the parent and/or guardian and other authorized person must also be on file.

No child who arrives at preschool noticeably ill with a rash, fever, etc. will be admitted for the day. Should a child become ill during the session, the parent will be notified immediately. The child will be separated from the rest of the group and will remain under adult supervision until the parent or authorized person arrives to take the child home.

In the event that a child contracts a communicable disease and exposes the other children, notice of such exposure will be posted and parents will be notified. The ill child will not be allowed to return to preschool until the period of contagion has passed.

Emergency Situations

In case of medical emergency during a preschool session, first aid will be administered by the staff. The parent or authorized adult will be notified as quickly as possible. If medical attention is required, the staff will call the local ambulance service to transport the child to the local hospital. Every effort will be made to contact the child’s own physician.

Confidentiality of Records

Children’s records are open only to the child’s teacher, the Director, an authorized employee of the licensing agency, or the child’s parent or legal guardian.


If a child needs to be withdrawn from preschool, two weeks’ notice is required so the vacancy can be filled by another child. Should more notice be possible, it would be appreciated.

Communication with Parents

Please contact anyone on the staff if you have any concerns. Parent/ Teacher conferences are offered in the spring; however, a parent or teacher may request an additional conference any time there is a special concern. Arrival and dismissal times are not appropriate times to discuss individual concerns since the class as a whole is the teacher’s main concern at that time. Teachers will be happy to talk with you after all the children have been dismissed or call your home at a convenient time. Please remember that this is your child’s preschool and the beginning of your child’s education and keep in touch with us!